Blow Out is an obstacle in the 2018 revival of Double Dare.


First introduced in the 2018 revival, this obstacle is described as a party favor.

The obstacle consists of an inflatable tunnel run which is inflated with a fan. When contestants reach this obstacle, they have to go through the tunnel and get the flag inside it.



Episode Title Obstacle #
A-Team vs. Team Peanut Butter 5
Sync or Be Silly vs. Team Blonde 3
Team Toaster vs. Gummy Ninjas 3
Team Server vs. Team Spears 7
Kickin' Cousins vs. Seeker Savages 5
Team LaurDIY vs. Team Wassabi 5
Fashionistos vs. Buzzer Beaters 7
Hot Tamales vs. The Stylish Ones 5
Double Dads vs. Cali Rally 2
The Singing Prancers vs. The Strikers 2
Boardgame Bros vs. X-Treme Team 3