Comeback Kids vs. Red Hot Cocoa is the twentieth episode of season one of the 2018 revival of Double Dare. The episode aired on July 23, 2018.

Description Edit

A couple of familiar faces come back for redemption after appearing on the show decades ago! It's a close game throughout, but only one team will get a second chance at the obstacle course.

Round 1 Edit

  • Toss-Up (Aim for the Toilet)
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $50: 0-50
  • Siri question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $50: 0-100
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $50: 0-150
  • Carpool Karaoke James Corden question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $50: 0-200
  • Prussia Mall question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $50: 0-250
  • Dove Symbol of Peace question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $50: 0-300
  • Elf question
    • Red Hot Cocoa dare Comeback Kids
    • Comeback Kids win $100: 100-300
  • Atlantis question
    • Comeback Kids win $50: 150-300
  • Hamlet question
    • Comeback Kids win $50: 200-300
  • Pac-Man question
    • Comeback Kids dare Red Hot Cocoa
    • Red Hot Cocoa double dare Comeback Kids, take physical challenge
  • Pizza Flip challenge (With special guest Drake Bell)
    • Comeback Kids win physical challenge, win $200: 400-300
  • Round 1 ends

Round 2 Edit

  • Toss-Up (Wig Toss)
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $100: 400-400
  • Ed Sheeran question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $100: 400-500
  • USDA Food Consumption question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $100: 400-600
  • Levi's jeans pocket question
    • Red Hot Cocoa dare Comeback Kids
    • Comeback Kids double dare Red Hot Cocoa, take physical challenge
  • Pie Carry challenge
    • Red Hot Cocoa win physical challenge, win $400: 400-1000
  • The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends question
    • Red Hot Cocoa win $100: 400-1100
  • Round 2 ends

Obstacle Course Edit

Obstacle Name Image Prize Completed
One-Ton Human Hamster Wheel
Peppers Polarized Eyewear gift card
Pop Lockin'
Rio Grande games
The Hot Dog
Hobby Zone Sport Cub S
The Wringer
(bubbles and slime)
PoolCandy pool toys
Couch Searching
Roku TV 4000 series LED-LCD TV
Mozzie Hoverboard
Pick It
$500 IKEA Bedroom Makeover
Mount St. Double Dare
LEGOLAND California Resort


  • This episode features former Family Double Dare contestant Jennifer, where with mother Sheila, brother Justin, and father Allen, they were known as 'Blue Bullets' in 1992, where they were against 'Fluffy Hippos'. They are known as 'Red Hot Cocoa' in this episode.
    • This episode also features former Double Dare 2000 contestants Chad and Gwen, where with mother Cindy, and father Lee, they were known as 'Musical Muellers' in 2000, where they were against 'Lucky Levinsons'. They are known as 'Comeback Kids' in this episode.
  • This episode features a special guest, actor and musician Drake Bell
    • Similar to the theme of this episode, Drake was formerly on Double Dare 2000 in two different episodes: One episode being 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd vs. The Amanda Show and the other being Snow Day vs. The Amanda Show, which is the episode Drake mentions with Josh Peck on the opposing team.
  • This episode features two teams of families battling in a 4v4 style of Family Double Dare.
    • This also marks the first episode in the 2018 revival that is not a normal 2v2.
  • 'Red Hot Cocoa' get their name from the Family Double Dare episode Fluffy Hippos vs. Blue Bullets when Justin says 'hot cocoa' is something he puts on ice cream. Since hot cocoa doesn't really go on top of ice cream, it became a running joke in the family.
  • When Jennifer's family originally competed on Family Double Dare in 1992, John, "wasn't quite old enough to participate", which is why her other brother, Justin, competed with her then. John is finally able to be on Double Dare in this episode.