This is the Help and Rules page. Please follow these rules, or we admins may have to take action against you!

If you need help with anything, contact an active admin here, or check the help pages.

General policies[edit source]

Articles and content[edit source]

  • Write content in the third person. Don't refer to the writer (I, me, etc.), or reader (you, etc.) of an article.
  • Leave an edit summary if it isn't clear what you're doing. This helps us moderate wiki activity and prevents misunderstandings!
  • Do not vandalize pages. Not only is this an incredibly easy thing to undo, but it can also result in your account or IP address being blocked from editing.
  • Refrain from adding any fanart or videos that haven't been approved by an admin.
  • Don't insert unofficial speculation into articles. Speculation can be posted in the comments of the article or in a blog post.
  • Avoid spamming edits for badges when they are active. Working toward an achievement is fine, but making pointless edits for them is not.
  • Try to edit efficiently, taking care of as many problems as you can fix in a single edit.
  • Use North American names where different from other versions'. Use the exact naming in the game.

Community and behavior[edit source]

  • Be nice. Don't flame, troll, or harass other users. Treat others how they would want to be treated.
  • Don't necropost! Be sure to check the timestamps of any comments you're replying to. If the comment is more than a few weeks old, you shouldn't reply. This is annoying, unnecessary, and has the chance of restarting conflict.
  • Don't start drama, and don't import drama from other communities. Aim to sort things out as calmly as possible.
  • No exploiting any loopholes you found in the rules. You know what we meant!
  • Try to have fun as part of the community! After all, we're all here because we enjoy Double Dare.
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