Double Scare is the twenty-eighth episode of season one of the 2018 revival of Double Dare. The episode aired on October 19, 2018.

Description Edit

In this Halloween special, friends take on twins in a series of classic challenges with a spooky twist, and only one team gets to compete in the ghostly final round.

Round 1 Edit

  • Toss-Up (Water Dousing)
    • Electro Eradicators win $50: 50-0
  • Camila Cabello song question
    • Electro Eradicators win $50: 100-0
  • Volleyball question
    • Electro Eradicators win $50: 150-0
  • The Wright Brothers question
    • Electro Eradicators dare The Twinning Team
    • The Twinning Team get wrong answer
    • Gives $100 to Electro Eradicators, 250-0
  • Cauldron question
    • Electro Eradicators win $50: 300-0
  • Shopkins question
    • Electro Eradicators dare The Twinning Team
    • The Twinning Team double dare Electro Eradicators, take physical challenge
  • Swim Fin Balloon Pop challenge
    • Electro Eradicators win physical challenge, win $200: 500-0
  • Quotient question
    • Electro Eradicators win $50: 550-0
  • Round 1 ends

Round 2 Edit

  • Toss-Up (Squid Ink)
    • Electro Eradicators win $100: 650-0
  • Casper question
    • Electro Eradicators win $100: 750-0
  • Phillip Carlyle question
    • Electro Eradicators get wrong answer
  • Bindi question
    • The Twinning Team win $100: 750-100
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks Dave question
    • The Twinning Team win $100: 750-200
  • Lombard Street question
    • The Twinning Team dare Electro Eradicators
    • Electro Eradicators double dare The Twinning Team, take physical challenge
  • Batapult challenge
    • The Twinning Team lose physical challenge, gives $400 to Electro Eradicators: 1150-200
  • Round 2 ends

Obstacle Course Edit

Obstacle Name Image Prize Completed
iScream Sundae
(Sundae Slide)
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Portable Turntable
Spider Web Breakout
(Brick Wall Breakout)
Peppers Polarized Eyewear gift card
Park Ya Booo-ty
Madame Tussauds Hollywood
Down Dracula's Hatch
(Down the Hatch)
Roku TV 4000 series LED-LCD TV
The Grim Wringer
(The Wringer)
Sky Zone
Pop Coffin
(Pop Lockin')
$500 IKEA Bedroom Makeover
Witches Brew
(The Tank)
Swagtron Electric Fat Bike
Mount St. Double Scare
(Mount St. Double Dare)
Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana