What you are witnessing is real. The contestants are not actors. They are actual families with a quiz pending in a trivia round of the game. Both families have agreed to drop their claims, and have their challenges settled here, in our forum...Family Double Dare!

This was a family version of the show. As Marc would put it, families get together and try to make a mess of cash. The theme music for Family Double Dare is "The Big One", which is composed by Alan Tew, as heard on the Joseph A. Wapner version of The People's Court, while Edd Kalehoff provided additional music.

1988 VersionEdit

The 1988 version aired on FOX primetime for 13 weeks as a companion to the regular version. The teams did not have team names in this version; instead they were identified by their last names. While the first six obstacles in the Obstacle Course were still worth prizes, the seventh obstacle was worth cash; and the eighth and final obstacle won the team that completed the course, a brand new car.

1990-1992 VersionEdit

Nickelodeon revived the show in 1990, but cash was no longer offered for obstacle #7. A new car was still offered as a grand prize, but for the first season only.

The final season of the Nickelodeon run ended with a Tournament of Champions. The two teams with the highest scores of the season, along with the two teams with the fastest obstacle course times, were invited back to participate in the special hour-long final episode in a battle of "Brains vs. Brawn". The two "Brains" (high scoring teams) played each other in a full game of Double Dare sans the Obstacle Course; a full game with the "Brawns" team immediately followed. The winning families from these two games then faced each other in a final full-length game (labeled "Brains vs. Brawn") to determine the grand champion, who won a large trophy and the right to run the Obstacle Course one final time for a car. The winning family, whose team moniker was "Granite Toast", indeed won the car at the end of the show. The final original episode aired in 1993, and Family Double Dare reruns continued up to February 1999 on Nickelodeon. From February 1999 until November 1, 2005 Family Double Dare was on Nick GaS daily. It was also produced by Viacom.


Here how the players scored in the Family Double Dare era:

  • Round 1 - Question - $25, Dare - $50, Double Dare/Physical Challenge - $100
  • Round 2 - Question - $50, Dare - $100, Double Dare/Physical Challenge - $200

In Fox's Family Double Dare, the toss-ups were worth the dare value; but in the Nickelodeon version of Family Double Dare, the toss-ups were worth the normal value of the question.