Double Dare Wiki

Episode Count/Guides[]

Series Episode Count Episodes Verified to Exist First Run Aired
Double Dare 251 250 1986-88
Super Sloppy Double Dare (1987) 26* 25 1987
Fox Family Double Dare 13 13 1988
Super Sloppy Double Dare (1989) 100 92 1989
Nickelodeon Family Double Dare** 81 81 1990-93
Super Special Double Dare/NBA All-Stars 2 2 1991
Double Dare 2000 67 67 2000
Double Dare (2018) 61 61 2018-19
TOTALS 601 590


**Includes Salute to Double Dare, which aired, but not the Old Timers episode, which did not.

Super Special Double Dare[]

  • February 8, 1992 (Taped 2/7/92)-Too Legit (Waymon Tisdale, Charles Smith, Emily, & Jeremy) vs. O Town Posse (Rick Barry, Bob Leneer, Aisha, & Shawn) (JP10.1)
  • 1992-Quad Squad (Jason Zimbler, David Rhoden, Jason, & Ray) vs. Colossal Shoes (Melissa Joan Hart, Jocelyn Steiner, Katherine, & Marybeth) (JP10.2)

Double Dare Specials and VHS releases[]

Title Format Distributor First release
Double Dare The Inside Slop VHS Kids Klassics 1988
Double Dare Messiest Moments VHS Kids Klassics 1988
How to Throw a Double Dare Party VHS Elektra Video 1989
The Making of Super Sloppy Double Dare SDTV WHYY 1989
Salute to Double Dare SDTV Nickelodeon 1990
Double Dare Super Sloppiest Moments VHS Sony Wonder 1994
Double Dare Reunion Special HDTV Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite 2016
Double Dare at Super Bowl HDTV Nickelodeon 2019

Double Dare-centric episodes of other shows[]

How Double Dare You, a 2019 episode of The Loud House

Double Dare, a 2016 episode of The Goldbergs

Trouble Dare, a 2013 episode of Sanjay and Craig