Mount St. Double Dare (also known as Mt. Saint Double Dare) is an obstacle in Double Dare.

In the 2018 revival, it is always the last obstacle on the course. It consists of a mountain looking like a volcano with green slime "lava" flowing down it. When contestants reach this obstacle, they have to climb up it and grab the flag in order to finish off the obstacle course and win the grand prize.

For the 2018 revival's Halloween special, Double Scare, it was renamed 'Mount St. Double Scare'.

The obstacle returned for season 2 of the 2018 revival with a revamped version of the obstacle.



Episode Title Obstacle #
The Juicy Pineapples vs. The Cavities 8
The Mad Dogs vs. Line Drive 25 8
The Odd Couple vs. Gruesome Twosome 8
Sisters on a Roll vs. Synergy Skaters 8
A-Team vs. Team Peanut Butter 8
Sync or Be Silly vs. Team Blonde 8
EJ Grand Slammers vs. Santa Barbara Goldies 8
Team Toaster vs. Gummy Ninjas 8
The Twinadoes vs. Goofy Gamers 8
Thunderstruck vs. Girl Power 8
Dominating Duo vs. Blast from the Past 8
The Showie Skaters vs. Home Run Homies 8
Girls With a Goal vs. Team Nyris 8
Team Server vs. Team Spears 8
Little Mythical Fish vs. The Shortstacks 8
Chatty Cheerleaders vs. Showtime Swag 8
Who Runs the World vs. 2 Hype 8
Blue Whales vs. The Flossinators 8
Board Bombs vs. Team Over Your Head 8
Comeback Kids vs. Red Hot Cocoa 8
Team Triple Threat vs. Wonder Triplet Power 8
Kickin' Cousins vs. Seeker Savages 8
Run Girrrl vs. The Explorers 8
Team Rico vs. Team Raini 8
Team LaurDIY vs. Team Wassabi 8
Avocado Armpit vs. Bob 2 8
Football Fanatics vs. Bow-Tie Boys 8
Double Scare 8 (as "Mount St.
Double Scare")
Me, Lou and 2 vs. Beach Bums 8
Fashionistos vs. Buzzer Beaters 8
The Mighty Tweens vs. The Super Scouts 8
Team Kel vs. Team Kenan 8
Hot Tamales vs. The Stylish Ones 8
Double Dads vs. Cali Rally 8
Relentless Goats vs. Purple Pandas 8
Dos Dames vs. Double Trouble 8
The Singing Prancers vs. The Strikers 8
Savage Cabbages vs. Evelyn Adrenaline 8
Boardgame Bros vs. X-Treme Team 8
Thunder & Lightning vs. The Slime Eaters 8
Double Dare at Super Bowl 10


  • One running gag in the 2018 series is Liza or the contestants saying the name of the obstacle and smoke coming out of the top. Her reactions are different throughout each episode, sometimes being spooked by the noise and other times pumping up the contestants.