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Family Double Dare: Old Timers
Title card from the Old Timers episode


Marc Summers


July 27, 1990

Old Timers is a mostly produced, but unaired, episode of Nickelodeon Family Double Dare. It features various Double Dare and Nickelodeon staff playing against each other. Despite being fully edited and produced, it clocks in at 32:30 without commercials. It was posted on YouTube by executive producer and participant Geoffrey Darby in February 2015, but was later blocked by Viacom.


Teams were comprised of Double Dare and Nickelodeon staff who have been with the show since day one

Air Force One[]


listed left to right:

  • Geraldine Laybourne, president of Nickelodeon
  • Geoffrey Darby, executive producer
  • Byron Taylor, set designer
  • Bob Mittenthal, co-creator of Double Dare

The Milk Like Substances[]


listed left to right:

  • Lauren Gray, former production manager, working in finance for MTV Networks
  • Dana Calderwood, Double Dare's first director
  • Robin Marella, assistant
  • John Harvey, announcer


Notable events of this episode:

  • Marc starts the show wearing a beret and a robe
  • The game is played for points, checkmarks replace dollar signs on scoreboards.
  • Marc seems to be changing the rules to physical challenges on the fly, and interferes in a physical challenge
  • A 60 second version of the "tick tock" tossup music cue is used during a 60 second physical challenge
  • Geoffrey Darby gives every response (even dares) in the form of a question (a la Jeopardy!)
  • The blue team ducks behind the podium to confer during questions
  • There are some very inside questions about the production of Double Dare asked
  • Marc attempts to do a 22½ second physical challenge, after Robin and Harvey negotiate him up from 15, but the clock and music doesn't correspond
  • Harvey randomly responds to a question with "Gotta be the butt, Bob," a reference to a famous Newlywed Game gaffe.
  • Show contains a couple of awkward edits
  • No prizes on the obstacle course, and Marc is attacked during the explanation
  • All 8 players run the obstacle course
  • 60 seconds placed on the clock, but players are told to continue even after
  • Lights go out during obstacle #1 for a moment
  • Marc attacks Dana Calderwood at the Sundae Slide, and his mic is covered
  • Clock restarts at 60 after a five second pause
  • After the 60 second music runs out, Aram Khachaturian's Sabre Dance plays, followed by a church organ flourish played for Geoffrey Darby earlier in the show, and finally the closing theme
  • The team's actual finish time (after a lot of tomfoolery) is 93.18 seconds
  • Marc is given a fresh microphone for the sign off, and then is thrown into the bottom of the Sundae Slide. He then throws Gerry Laybourne in.
  • Despite being way over time, there is a long credit crawl, and the entire closing theme plays through full.


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