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Summers explains an early Physical Challenge.

A playing of the Human Taco Physical Challenge.

The Physical Challenges are stunts which the contestants ask for if they do not know the answer to a question while on a Double Dare. This was also where the messy-ness came in. All stunts had to be completed within the time limit (either :10, :15, :20, or :30 (or at one time in Double Dare 2000 :25)).

List of Physical Challenges[]

Here is a list of them:

  • Animal Trainer: One player wore a blindfold and stood in front of a table with three dishes of food on it (pies, jelly, etc.) with objects hidden within (teething rings, marshmallows, etc.). Their partner had to direct them physically and verbally to take the objects out and place them in a cup. If all three objects were in the cup in under 30 seconds, the team would win.
  • Bombs Away: A basketball was put between the backs of the two players, who stood facing away from each other. In 15 seconds, the team had to - holding the basketball in place - walk to the other side of the stage and drop the ball into the container there to win.
  • Clown Shoe Golf: One player had to wear a gigantic red plastic clown shoe -- a shoe with a small hole in the front of it. The other player got a supply of balls and a golf club. In 20 seconds or less, the player had to putt the ball into the shoe to win.
  • Chocolate Spy: One of the first Physical Challenges to make contestants dress up as well as one of the first attempts to use gak-filled balloons. One player sat down on a stool with a pin-filled hat while a supply of balloons were placed on the ground - but only one was filled with chocolate. The team had to find it by popping the balloons in ten seconds or less to win. In its earlier appearances, the contestants did not have to wear a costume.
  • Dunk the Ducks (I): In one of the most pointless stunts on the show, the team had to submerge 20 rubber ducks into a tub of water for three seconds in 30 seconds or less to win.
  • Egg on Your Face: One player had to toss eggs across the stage, while their partner caught them and cracked them on their head. If ten eggs were cracked on the head in 15 seconds or less, the team won the challenge.
  • Fill Your Cup: Cans of whipped cream were given to one player, while their partner bit a Popsicle stick which had a small cup on the end. The team had to shoot a stream of whipped cream across the stage and fill the cup past the line in 20 seconds or less to win.
  • The Food's On You!: Different types of food dishes had to be made (egg nog, ice cream sundaes, egg drop soup, etc.) with the ingredients all on a platform in which a player stood in overlooking their partner, who had a bowl on their head. A bit of each ingredient had to be in the bowl in 20 seconds or less for this stunt to be successful.
  • Harvey's Wild Oats: This challenge consisted of a picture of Harvey on the front of each can, in a knockoff on Quaker Oats. The team had to stack four cans on top of each other, and using only one hand, bring the stack across the stage. Then they had to pass it to their partner, who then had to do the same. If two trips with the stack in one hand were made in 20 seconds or less, the team won.
  • Into the Hangar: Paper airplanes were placed on one side of the stage, and a mailbox on the other. If the contestants could fly a plane into the mailbox in 20 seconds or less, they would have won the challenge.
  • In Your Egg Hat: One player had a supply of eggs while their partner stood on the opposite side of the stage with a top-less hat on. The team had to catch one egg in the hat in 20 seconds or less to win this challenge.
  • It's a Stickup!: Similar to the tossup version of this stunt. The team stood near flypaper hanging from the wall, either on the same side or on opposite sides, and threw ping-pong balls at it. Three ping-pong balls had to be caught on the flypaper at the end of 20 seconds to win this challenge.
  • Musical Eggs: One player got a supply of eggs, while their partner had to stand on the opposite side of the stage with cymbals in their hands and a blindfold over their eyes. The objective was to catch an egg - without smashing it - in between the cymbals in 30 seconds or less. Sounds simple, but Marc often confused the catcher, even if he tried his best to time his "NOW!" shouts to help out the catcher slam the cymbals together at the right moment.
  • Top Gum: A very unique stunt used in the early days. One player dressed up like a pilot, with a pair of lab goggles over their eyes. Their partner got two pieces of gum, and had to chew them up and then stick them onto the lenses with their teeth. One piece of gum had to be stuck onto each lens at the end of 20 seconds to win.
  • If the Shoe Fits: A large garbage can was filled with various sneakers (provided by sponsor Reebok, of course lol) but many were rights - only one color of sneaker had a complete pair. In 30 seconds or less, the team had to pull out the shoes and find the match to win.
  • Unlock the Door: A locker closed with two locks was brought out for the challenge, and each player was given three keys. The players had to unlock both locks before 30 seconds was up to win this Physical Challenge.
  • Pop Goes the Balloon: One of the most impossible stunts - one player had to put shaving cream-filled balloon on a chair and their partner needed to sit on them. The team had to break ten balloons in 15 seconds, which to my knowledge, was never accomplished.
  • Pour it On: Often also used as a tossup challenge; the idea was to have one player stand with two bottles of slime attached to their helmet, while their partner sat below with a lined cup on their head. Leaning over, the standing player had to fill their partner's cup past the line in 15 seconds to win.
  • Rain on Your Parade: One player had to sit on a stool with some musical instruments. The player needed to play them, while their partner poured liquid from above and filled a lined cup on the instrument-playing contestant's head past the line in 30 seconds or less to win.
  • William Tell (I): Using bottles of seltzer, a player had to shoot a stream of water to knock down a wooden apple which was placed behind their partner's head... while blindfolded and only allowed verbal help from their partner. If the apple was knocked over in 20 seconds, it was ruled accomplished.
  • William Tell (II): Two contestants stood behind a sheet of glass with two flat cardboard apples up front. Their partners shot plungers at the glass in an attempt hit the apple targets and pour green gak down on the player behind the hit apple. If both apples were hit in 30 seconds, the challenge was won.
  • Backpack of Balls: One of the few challenges that could be lost before time ran out. One player sat on an exercise bike which shot out plastic balls from a tube when pedaled. Their partner wore a big funnel on their head and caught the balls, which would fall into a tube attached to their backpack. If six balls were caught in the tube in 20 seconds or less, the team won.
  • Bananas in Your Boots: A long bench was placed in the middle of the stage with twelve boots filled with disgusting substances such as creamed corn and whipped cream in front of it. In three boots were unpeeled bananas stuck inside. Using only their feet, the players had to locate those bananas and pull all three out in 20 seconds or less to win.
  • Couch Potatoes: This challenge would later pave the way for the "Hot Dog" challenge in Family Double Dare. One contestant was given some potatoes, and the other player had to sit in a seat which was placed under a small container of gak. If the player hit the target under the container to flip it over and dump the gak in 20 seconds or less, the team would win.
  • Chip off the Old Block: Stacks of blocks would be set up on one side of the set, and the team stood behind buckets of sponges buried in a messy substance on the opposite side of the stage. The team had to toss the sponges and knock down all the blocks in 20 seconds or less to win.
  • Dessert Boat: One contestant sat in a small boat and their partner wheeled them along the Physical Challenge floor past several stations: a banana tree to be shaken and bananas put on the boat, an ice-cream cone filled with ice-cream which had to be overturned onto the boat, a tank of chocolate syrup that was released on the boat, and finally a huge container of whipped cream to dump. If all four stations could be visited and completed in 20 seconds or less, the team would win.
  • Dunk the Ducks (II): The redesigned "Dunk the Ducks" now used a much bigger tank - a peanut shaped container that was also used for various other purposes - and it was filled with chocolate ("mud"). Now, in most cases, both players had to get inside the tub to drown the ducks. The objective, however, remained the same - drown all 20 ducks for three seconds in 30 seconds to win.
  • High-Five: Both contestants were dressed in gigantic hands and placed on either side of a horizontal bar holding twelve gak balloons. Smashing their "fingers" together, the team had to break all twelve balloons in 15 seconds or less to win. Explaining this challenge was also used often to bash copycat competitor Fun House occasionally.
  • Human Cereal: One player sat on a giant plate of cornflakes. Their partner had to toss deflated footballs ("raisins") across the stage, and they had to be caught on the fly. Once three raisins were caught, the player turned around, pulled on a cord and dumped a gallon container of milk all over to end the challenge. If this was accomplished in 20 seconds, the team would win.
  • Human Noodle Soup: One player sat on a giant plate of noodles, and their partner tossed eggs in a tribute to the classic "Egghead" stunt - because the player on the noodles had to catch the eggs and crack them on their head. Once three eggs were caught and cracked, a cord had to be pulled, pouring a bucket of soup all over the noodles and completing the physical challenge. If this was all done in 15 seconds or less, the team won.
  • Human Taco (I): One player put a giant taco shell around their waist, while their partner got containers full of various ingredients, including salsa, cheese, and lettuce. In 15 seconds or less, all three ingredients had to be dumped on the taco to win.
  • Oopsie Daisy!: The team stood behind a container of gak, which they had to pick up and throw at tombstones at the other side of the stage. Once one was hit down, it flipped over and a daisy appeared. If all the tombstones were knocked over in 20 seconds or less, the team won.
  • Pies in Your Pants: A small catapult was placed on one side of the stage, with one player stationed there along with a supply of pies, and their partner stood on the other side of the stage with a pair of gigantic clown pants. Three pies had to be flung into the pants at the end of 20 seconds for this challenge to be successful.
  • Pie Transfer: Pies were slid along the conveyor belt. A player stood with a bowl of cherries along the belt and put a cherry on each pie that went past. At the end of the belt, another player had to smash their face into the pie enough to make it stick, and then put it in the container beside without using his or her hands. Three pies needed to be transferred only using the face in 20 seconds or less.
  • Pipeline Predicament: Several different pipelines were placed on rolling platforms. Each pipe was of a different height. In 30 seconds, the team had to arrange the pipes to take water spewing out from a large water tank to a small container on the ground and fill it past the line to win.
  • Pizza Toss: Pizzas came down the conveyor belt to a player holding a spatula. They had to flip pizzas above their heads backwards while their partner caught them in pizza boxes. Three pizzas had to be caught inside the boxes at the end of 20 seconds to win.
  • Root Beer Bar (I): Different-sized mugs filled with root beer were placed on a table and a container on the other side of the stage, with a long "bar counter" placed between them. One player had to slide filled mugs to their partner, who emptied them into the container. The container needed to be filled past its line before 30 seconds was up to be successful. Although simplistic, the team almost always let empty mugs on their way back collide with new full mugs in the middle of the bar...
  • There's a Fly in My Pie!: Plates with whipped cream and flies on them would be pushed along the conveyor belt. One contestant had to stand at the end of the belt with a fly-swatter in their hand and smash each pie as it came along, before scooping it up and tossing it over their head. Their partner would need to stand on the other side of the stage holding a garbage can to catch the pies in. Three pies needed to be caught in 20 seconds or less to win.
  • Toss Salad: One player had to put a salad bowl around their neck and sat under a grinder. Their partner stood behind the grinder, with heads of lettuce and tomatoes. Four of each had to be tossed into the grinder before the team could cross the stage and pour a bucket of salad dressing all over the salad. This all had to be accomplished in 30 seconds or less.
  • Water Fountain: A powerful water fountain was placed on one side of the stage. One player controlled the stream of water that shot out of it, while their partner needed to catch the liquid in a lined cup on their head. The cup needed to be filled past the line in 20 seconds or less to win.