Pick It is an obstacle in Double Dare.

The obstacle will be returning for season 2 of the 2018 revival.


This obstacle consists of a giant nose with green sponge/foam "boogers". Once contestants reach this obstacle, they have to pick out the "boogers" (hence the name of this obstacle) resulting in slime "snot" coming out of the nose. After the "snot" comes out of the nose, the flag has to be picked out and thrown down before moving to the next obstacle.

While the obstacle had sunglasses in the original Double Dare and the 2018 revival, it did not contain sunglasses in Double Dare 2000. Instead, its big eyes jumped out.



Episode Title Obstacle #
The Juicy Pineapples vs. The Cavities 3
The Mad Dogs vs. Line Drive 25 3
Sisters on a Roll vs. Synergy Skaters 3
A-Team vs. Team Peanut Butter 3
Sync or Be Silly vs. Team Blonde 1
EJ Grand Slammers vs. Santa Barbara Goldies 1
The Twinadoes vs. Goofy Gamers 5
Thunderstruck vs. Girl Power 1
Dominating Duo vs. Blast from the Past 6
The Showie Skaters vs. Home Run Homies 1
Girls With a Goal vs. Team Nyris 6
Team Server vs. Team Spears 5
Blue Whales vs. The Flossinators 6
Board Bombs vs. Team Over Your Head 5
Comeback Kids vs. Red Hot Cocoa 7
Team Triple Threat vs. Wonder Triplet Power 7
Kickin' Cousins vs. Seeker Savages 3
Team LaurDIY vs. Team Wassabi 7
Football Fanatics vs. Bow-Tie Boys 7
Me, Lou and 2 vs. Beach Bums 6
Fashionistos vs. Buzzer Beaters 5
Team Kel vs. Team Kenan 6
Hot Tamales vs. The Stylish Ones 6
Double Dare at Super Bowl 2