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The Making of Super Sloppy Double Dare
Title card used in the special

Produced By

WHYY, Philadelphia


1989, WHYY


Television Special

The Making of Super Sloppy Double Dare was a 1989 television special produced and aired by WHYY Philadelphia (the station where Double Dare was initially produced).


Documentary style behind the scenes look at how an episode of the 1989 syndicated Super Sloppy Double Dare is made.


Includes interviews with contestants from the show and their parents, fans, supervising producer Mike Klinghoffer, host Marc Summers, head writer Geoffrey Darby, art director Byron Taylor, announcer Harvey, producer Dana Calderwood, stage manager Diane Feinberg, assistants Robin Marella and Dave Shikiar, as well as teachers and professors.


  • Produced by station WHYY Philadelphia, the station whose facilities Nickelodeon used to film the show until moving to Universal Studios in Orlando for the second half of this series, and subsequently Family Double Dare.
  • Original specific airdate is unclear.