The Tank is an obstacle in Double Dare.

This obstacle consists of a tank, filled with a certain substance. When contestants reach this obstacle, they have to jump in, pass the flag onto their partner, and move on to the next obstacle.

For the 2018 revival's Halloween special, Double Scare, it was renamed 'Witches Brew'.

The obstacle will be returning for season 2 of the 2018 revival.


In the 2018 revival, there are multiple variations of The Tank with different substances in it like ping pong balls or cherry gelatin.



Episode Title Variation Obstacle #
The Odd Couple vs. Gruesome Twosome cherry gelatin 2
Team Toaster vs. Gummy Ninjas cherry gelatin 2
The Twinadoes vs. Goofy Gamers cherry gelatin 2
Dominating Duo vs. Blast from the Past ping pong balls 4
Girls With a Goal vs. Team Nyris ping pong balls 1
Team Server vs. Team Spears cherry gelatin 2
Blue Whales vs. The Flossinators ping pong balls 4
Board Bombs vs. Team Over Your Head cherry gelatin 2
Team Rico vs. Team Raini cherry gelatin 2
Avocado Armpit vs. Bob 2 chocolate pudding 7
Double Scare chocolate pudding (as "Witches Brew") 7
Me, Lou and 2 vs. Beach Bums ping pong balls 1
Fashionistos vs. Buzzer Beaters cherry gelatin 2
The Mighty Tweens vs. The Super Scouts chocolate pudding 7
Team Kel vs. Team Kenan ping pong balls 4
Hot Tamales vs. The Stylish Ones ping pong balls 1
Relentless Goats vs. Purple Pandas chocolate pudding 7
Dos Dames vs. Double Trouble chocolate pudding 7
The Singing Prancers vs. The Strikers chocolate pudding 7
Boardgame Bros vs. X-Treme Team cherry gelatin 2